Win a Disney-style portrait of yourself or your child

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As you all know, I love Instagram. Well, I should say I am obsessed by it and if you follow me you probably can tell what I ate for breakfast or the way I dress today.

Well, Instagram does not only satisfy my oversharing disease, it is also allows me to discover some huge talents: I’m so happy I met Fabio Valle’s artworks.

Fabio is a hugely talented illustrator with a passion for Disney style. If you follow him, you know that he transform everyday life and well known characters in fabulous Disney-ish sketches and artworks, and also pays tribute to the Disney characters we all love.

Have a look at his fantastic work:

aristo poca-02


Recently, Fabio started his Friday Friend project, a contest on Instagram that allows anyone to win a Disney-style portrait. I entered the competition and I was super excited when I found out my entry had won.

Here is my portrait, made by Fabio:


As I saw it, I knew I found a real talent and I wanted so much to spread the voice around, so I though: why not giving my readers the same chance of being portraited?

So, here we are. At the end of this post you’ll find out we have a surprise for you but, first, I want to know better Fabio so here is a short interview:

How did you started drawing and why?

My dad says I did my first drawing when I was 4. He couldn’t believe I had done that elphant, he though it was my older brother’s drawing. I think I started drawing because he could draw very well and, as the young brother, I wanted to follow his steps, he was my idol (and he still is). The thing is, today my brother is an engineer and I’m the artist, ahah.

Did you attend any school?

No, I’m a self taught in art. I’ve learned everything on books and – recently – internet. I only studied animation in a school in Brazil, then I joined to a group of artists who worked on Asterix and the Vikings, in 2005. It was pretty fun.

Why is Disney universe so attractive to you?

I believe Walt Disney wasn’t only a great artist, but he was a visionary. All the classic movies are great and an animator is the complete artist. A good animator has to be a good drawer, actor, sculptor, humorist, dancer… He has to do so many things besides draw and it’s fantastic. Disney style is the most beautiful of all. I’m a big fan of this style. And I love all Disney characters!

Which is the character you love the most?

Donald is my favorite. I like his sense of humor (or the fact that he’s angry, ahah).

Which is the hardest character or thing to draw?

Well, as an illustrator I have to draw everything a client asks me. But, I think backgrounds are hard to do. And real human anatomy is very complicated too. But, as I said, I believe an illustrator has to study a lot and do everything is asked. That’s why I love to change my style every time. I love to try new things.

What’s your biggest dream (in terms of illustration work)?

I’d love to work in a Pixar production, I think they are the best. I could do anything, but my dream is to create some characters, I love concept art, I have all the books series “The Art Of”, they are so inspirational and beautiful. I really would be the happiest artist in the world if I could work for Pixar!

And here we are.

This is a giveaway to win a portrait by Fabio Valle for yourself, your partner or your child/children.

How to enter the giveaway? It’s simple.

Leave a comment to this post giving the best caption you can for this Lady and the Tramp illustration:


The author of the funniest, smartest caption will have the chance of being portrayed by Fàbio.

What are you waiting for? Leave a comment!


You can leave your comment until sunday, june 23rd. Winner will be announced on friday 28th june.

If you like his work, give him a like on Facebook, follow him on Twitter and of course on Instagram! Every week Fàbio gives the chance to one lucky follower to win a portrait, so double your chances by following him.

Good luck!