Fuerzabruta in London: a review

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I came back home almost soaking wet, water and white confetti dropping from my hair. I was overexcited, smiling and still moving a bit to the sound of drums. I wasn’t high on some drug, I had just come back from one of the most amazing shows I’ve seen lately: Fuerzabruta. When I first heard about the show I wasn’t really dying to go. ‘Fuerzabruta’: I kind of imagined a bunch of bulky guys lifting some Hummer cars with their little finger – not exactly my cup of tea. Then I started seing the posters around the Tube, I’ve read some reviews, spoke with friends and found out the name was pretty misleading. It was an unmissable show, everyone said.

It’s hard to define Fuerzabruta. It may be called physical theatre, clearly pushed to the limit. The best thing about this show is the certainty of the uncertainty: you know for sure that you’re not going to know what’s happening next. You are constantly surprised, greatly taken aback. The scene previously centered in front of you now shifts to the back. To the walls. Even to the ceiling. The artists/athletes play with air, then it’s gravity, then water, then sound.

You are in a space where all of the 360 degrees are equally used and play some peculiar part in the show. All your six senses are also involved: you see, you are often invited to touch, you smell, you hear. The feeling overload is amazing as well: you are surprised then fascinated and seducted, then amazed, enchanted, energized, sometimes even scared. In the end you find yourself dancing to the sound of the drums, overexcited, full of those white confetti in your hair (and mouth). You are soaking, not because you got ‘unfortunately’ wet but because you saw the water coming down and you jumped right under it in the middle of a dancing frenzy.

What you know for sure is that you’re finally experiencing something totally new, just what I told you I had missed with Cirque du Soleil.

The best thing about Fuerzabruta is, by far, its creativity. There is pure genius in it. It’s been a while since I’ve seen a show where MIND was such a protagonist. Before the magical and ancestral atmosphere, before the skills of the artists, there are some powerful idea. Last but not least, to make the mood of the night even steamier, there were some seriously hot dudes in that show. On a scale from one to ten, in which ten is ‘write your number on your panties and throw them’, I bet some ladies in the audience were close to nine.

If you’re in London this is un unmissable show. Wear some comfy shoes and prepare to have your mind blown.

FUERZABRUTA at London Roundhouse until March 2nd

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