London: exploring Muswell Hill

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IMG_7249Muswell Hill. Most of the people I know would ask: what’s Muswell Hill?

Not a museum or a park, not at all a London attraction. It is one of the least touristic places I have visited recently. It’s an area in North London (here), where we happened to have a walk while looking for some neighboroughs with a decent value for quality house prices. These areas are usually cheaper because they have no tube stops, therefore the connections aren’t great. Since London is an everchanging city, the problem could be solved in a few years.


Muswell Hill looks like a small village, completely out of London frenzy. Its streets are packed with nice shop, and it’s also easy to find most of the best known chains of food and coffee. There’s really nothing missing, you could virtually live there without feeling the need of going downtown. No dodgy corners, no scruffy bits: Muswell Hill looks like a calm, happy, family place.

IMG_7246It has a strong creative side as well: we stopped to explore Avenue Mews, a little street full of vintage and art shops, where I took these pics.

I wouldn’t recommend to visit Muswell Hill if you’re here for a holiday: it would take too much time to get here, but still it’s a nice area for a walk if you happen to be nearby.