Baked zucchini sticks

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You know I’m not the kind of kitchen Goddess who can bake a six-layer chiffon cake with Bronte Pistachio ganache and triple chocolate icing. I just… can’t. Haute cuisine is not my cup of tea, therefore anytime you’ll find a recipe here on my blog, that means it’s a for dummies one.

Super yummy, super good but also super easy (or I wouldn’t bother making it).

These baked zucchini are a lighter version of my mum’s recipe. She does the same, just soaking the zucchini in Extravirgin Olive Oil just like a Greenpeace volunteer would soak a beached whale. I chose to just sprinkle a little layer of EVO on them, and they turned out delicious anyway.

Also, my daughter Viola ate them all. Forget the 5-a-day, with this recipe you’ll reach the 10.



1. Cut the zucchini into irregular sticks.

2. In a bowl or a plastic bag, mix the zucchini sticks with some white or whole flour.

3. Put them on the oven tray covered in baking paper, sprinkle some salt and Extravirgin Olive Oil on them, just drop it very quickly all over the zucchini.

zucchine al forno veloci golose  zucchine2

4. Bake at 220 degrees for 15-20 minutes or until golden.


Enjoy them as an appetizer together with some chilled white wine or as a main course together with some grains or proteins.

Thanks to everyone who tried my Banana Bread and posted the pictures online! If you try one of my recipes please tag your pics with #mcdfood so I can find you 🙂