Disaronno Terrace: coolest party in town

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Disaronno Terrace London

Take an amazing urban rooftop with a unique creative vibe, mix it with delicious cocktails, cool people and great music: here’s the recipe for Disaronno Terrace party.

I already knew these Disaronno events back in Italy, where I had partied in the beautiful Roman terrace, and I was truly happy to find it here in London too. This was the first event of a series of four, featuring some top class DJs and artists.

Disaronno Terrace London

The event is set in the vibrant terrace of Netil House, in East London, and – apart from offering amazing cocktails like the DiSaronno Sour, a delicious mix of Disaronno, lemon juice and sugar – it features a different top class DJs and artist each time.

Disaronno Terrace London

We were lucky enough to listen to an intimate performance of singer Nick Mulvey, then to dance to the Dj set of Alt-J‘s Gus (have I ever told you how much I love Alt-J? I am listening to their album as I write… :)).

Disaronno Terrace LondonDisaronno Terrace London

I had a chat with the illustrator Matthew Swan, who was live-painting a stunning picture of ‘the birth of Disaronno’.

Disaronno Terrace London  Disaronno Terrace London

After drinking, dancing, chatting and enjoying some celebrity-spotting (Mischa Barton was there, just to mention one…) it was time to have a yummy bite. Gurmetti italian street food was there, offering the delicious ‘gnocchi fritti e guanciale‘ (fried gnocchi with guanciale ham). I think the picture says it all… no words needed.

Disaronno Terrace London Disaronno Terrace London

I can’t wait for July the 2nd, when the next Disaronno Terrace event is taking place with a super DJ set from the MACCABEES. Join me! Click here to ask for an invitation, keep your fingers crossed and be ready for a great night of fun and cocktails 🙂

If you don’t live in London, don’t panic! Disaronno Terrace events are taking place in 32 locations around the world, so you may find it in your city!

Disaronno SourDisaronno Terrace London

In the meantime, here is Disaronno Sour recipe:

1. Pour 45 ml of Disaronno.
2. Pour 30 ml of fresh lemon juice.
3. Add a teaspoon of sugar.
4. Stir and garnish with lime slices.

See you at the Disaronno Terrace 🙂

The necklace is from Mokave, a brand I was lucky enough to find during my trip to Poland.