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Sardegna Sardinia

This summer I am ‘on tour’. Friends and family, they all want to see us and see Viola since we are the strange ones who live abroad (yeah, Italian families are like that – if you don’t stay close to them you’re considered the one who made a weird choice).

From Center to North Italy, here’s the region we will/we are travelling to: Lazio,

Abruzzo, Sardinia, Liguria, Tuscany. Quite a lot, huh?

I can’t even tell you how fun is packing and unpacking twice a week -.- On the other hand, we are staying in beautiful places. Everything here – the landscape, the food, the tradition, the sea, the people – remind me how much I love my Country.

Our first stop was Sardinia. It does not need an introduction: you all know Sardinia sea is probably the most beautiful, Caribbean-like sea of Italy.

We stayed in the North of the island, 40km from Olbia, close to Capo d’Orso. We stayed in this residence, which was really beautiful, with its own private bay just steps from our cottage.

North of Sardinia is beautiful but usually quite windy. We were not so lucky: it rained two days out of six – wich is pretty uncommon in Italy at the end of July – and one day the wind was so strong and cold you could barely lie on the beach.

Apart from those unfortunate days the holiday was really nice. It was an all-women trip: me, Viola, my sister and my mum. Well, sharing a small space with sister + mum can be quite challenging, but in the end we made it without big dramas.

(Sorry, I know I am writing in such a horrible English, forgive me but staying here for 3 weeks made my brain switch back to Italian :)).

Should you wish to visit Sardinia, here are my suggestions along with a few pictures, I hope you enjoy them!

If you need any info feel free to ask 🙂

Sardegna Sardinia

5 things to do in Sardinia

1. Explore the coast

Wheater you are in a 5 stars hotel with all comforts or in a camping with a stunning beach, it is such a pity not to explore the coast – wherever you are in the island. No matter how beautiful is your part of the coast, you still risk to miss something better. So, consider renting a car and explore a new beach every day, wandering between Caribbean like beaches and turquoise shores. The best spots are usually hidden and you have to park along the road and just walk into small pedestrian paths between the bushes to reach them. Ask around – to your hotel, to a restaurant, to people in the street – and you’ll easily get all the info you need.

2. Rent a boat

There are some stunning (cala) you can only reach by sea. Sardinia is plenty of them, that’s why I recommend to rent a boat, even for half day only. It will allow you to discover even better its famous turquoise sea. Try to share the price with a few people because boats, especially in the most touristic North, can be pricey.

3. Try the South

If you wish to visit Sardinia, a classic destination is the North: Maddalena Island and its surroundings are amazing (NE) and so is Stintino (NW). San Teodoro area is another one worth a visit, slightly East coming down the coast from Olbia.

While the North is becoming more and more touristic, though, the South is the upcoming place to be. It is slightly different but equally amazing and still a bit undiscovered. I stayed in Chia (SW) five years ago and it was wonderful: clear sea, white sand beaches (there’s even a pink one!) marvellous weather, great food (ah! Those ripe black figues!) and no wind at all, a common issue in the North.

4. Don’t forget the countryside

Try an evening trip to the hills behind the sea, especially to eat in a typical ‘agriturismo’: a country restaurant with delicious country food, usually produced in the farms around.

Sardinia’s classics are: like Porceddu (roasted baby pork), pane Carasau (thin, crisp bread), various local cheese, Seadas (a dessert made of fried pastry filled with sweet cheese). End your feast with some chilled Mirto liquor.

5. Buy some local deli

During your stay, there’s a good chance you’ll meet some farmer who will try to sell you his homemade cheese. It’s not a bad idea to buy it, of course if you want to be super safe about what you eat it is best to take your food in a proper shop, but I tried the farmers a couple of times and did not regret it.

Warning: even if it’s well packed it will make your luggage stink like hell, make sure to wrap it in some paper! If you’re into food shopping be sure to bring home some Mirto liquor, maybe to be tasted along with a typical sweet treat like Sospiri, made of almonds and chocolate. Some Pane Carasau is another best seller, you can serve it during a meal as normal bread, but Sardinian people also use it as an ingredient, for example to make lasagne.

If you prefer some other kind of shopping, you’ll find lots of (sughero) handmade goods. You can also buy lovely coral or turquoise bracelets and amazing handmade rings made of silver, with a typical Sardinian design.

And now… please enjoy some pictures!


Sardegna SardiniaSardegna SardiniaSardegna SardiniaSardegna Sardinia

Sardegna SardiniaSardegna Sardinia     Sardegna Sardinia

Sardegna SardiniaSardegna Sardinia

Sardegna Sardinia