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Circus London

Last Sunday I spent a one-of-a-kind night in one of London’s coolest places: Circus bar and restaurant’s 5th birthday party.

Circus London

As you probably know since I reviewed a few shows on my blog, I really have a thing for circus (or I should maybe say ‘cirque nouveau’) and in the past years I’ve tried to see as many shows as possible, not to mention my one-and-only aerial hoop lesson (so fun but also hard and SO expensive, sigh). I had heard before about this almost hidden venue in Covent Garden where you can have a great dinner or a drink while watching some uber-cool circus style entertainment and I’ve always wanted to go.

Susy and I kicked off the night the best way ever: with some drinks and a glittered make up!

Circus LondonCircus LondonCircus LondonCircus London

Then also had a fortune-telling round with sweet Miss Ruby (the card of my present is: The Fool – had no doubts about it).

Circus London

The thing is, you never know what to expect when you go for a dinner+show place because sometimes one of the two things (the food or the show) is better than the other. This belief proved to be utterly false. First, the performers at Circus were first class, and the acts I saw were amazing.

Circus Londoncircuslondon8 circuslondon9

Of couse, the space is limited so you can’t really expect the jaw-dropping acts of a proper show. Still, they do everything in style and it’s really hard to take your eyes off the stage.

Another plus is the venue: since it is rather small (and intimate. and cozy. and bohemién, as any circus venue should be) it is easy to get a great view from almost anywhere/any table.

circuslondon10 circuslondon11

Second, the food and drinks I had were great, and our night proved to be as cool as I was expecting it to be.


[photo credits: Circus London +]

Circus London

I came back home SO PROUD of my glitter make up I didn’t want to take it off (and, on the way back, I also got a declaration of love from a random guy – which means there’s something magic in having glitter on your face :D).

[me, proudly wearing it on the tube]

Circus London

Thank you Circus London and happy birthday to you! I hope we’ll see again soon 🙂