How to organize a Frozen Party

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As you probably saw, Viola’s Frozen Party was a hit 🙂

The kids loved it and I have to say.. I loved to organize it! In my heart I am still a kid and had lots of fun finding ideas to make and decorate everything since I love Frozen too!

I wanted the party to be just inspired to the movie rather that having an overload of Elsa and Anna pictures/balloons. I chose a snowy/icy inspired decor. I hope you’ll like it!

With white and light blue you play it safe. The best thing about it is that these are the color most commonly used for baby boys or boys shower parties so it’s really easy to find perfect plates, cups and table cloths that reminds Elsa’s snow kingdom colors.

I was helped by Alessia from who sent me these amazing things that were really perfect. Then I bought something on Amazon too.

Frozen Party

Still, super duper easy to find: you can almost ‘steal’ everything from the Winter Wonderland party kits. Snowflakes are essentials and pretty cheap. I used some snowflakes garland plus some paper ponpons to decorate the tree under which we had the party. Of course if you’re home you can do so much more! Cover the wall behind the table with some light blue paper and have fun decorating it with snowballs and snowflakes! White and light blue balloons will help as well.



There are tons of snacks and foods you can make Frozen-style. White food generally works really well since it is directly connected to the snow theme. Here some examples: white small marshmallows (ice cubes), baby carrots and hoummous (Olaf noses), white and blue cupcake with a snowflake decoration (snow cupcakes), pop corns (pop snow), fruit (just add the ‘of Arendelle’ note), sandwiches (Coronation sandwiches). Other ideas? I wanted to do some coconut balls as snow balls, but also the blue jello is a fab idea, so is adding some arm sticks to the Olaf-inspired food, or let him float on blue jelly.
Of course, don’t forget a themed decorated cake!
Frozen party food


Here comes the fun… lalalala… 🙂 I had created lots of games but in the end kids preferred to entertain themselves climbing trees and playin around, which was great. Here, anyway, I explain you how to entertain the kids during a Frozen party. The games can be played both outdoors and indoors.

Frozen Party

Should you want to divide the kids into teams, here the team logos I made. Feel free to print them!


And here some of the games.

Frozen Party

PIN THE NOSE TO OLAF – Draw or print an Olaf/snowman picture, then separately draw a carrot and put some removable tape behind it. Blindfolded, the kids have to pin the nose as close as possible to the correct position. Take note of every carrot pinned by writing the kid’s name on Olaf. The kids who pins the nose closer to the correct position wins.

ICY RACE – you remember that spoon + egg race? Here is the Frozen version, using ice cubes (you can find them here and then re-use them to chill your cocktails.. be sure to wash them first :D). The kids can play alone or in team as a relay.


FROZEN STATUES – classic ‘Musical Statues’ with a twist. Using Frozen soundtrack is compulsory!

1,2,3..FROZEN! – count to three and, when you turn around, the kids trying to walk and reach you must be ‘frozen’. If anyone moves, he’s out. The first who reaches you, wins.

FROZEN MEMORY – draw or print Frozen or Frozen-inspired pictures, make two copies then put them as cards on a big cardboard, turned upside down. It will be a giant Memory game!

PASS THE (SNOW)BALL – take a white ball, or decor one with glittery snowflake stickers. All kids form a circle and they have to pass the ball from hand to hand as the music goes on. When the music stops, the kid holding the ball is out. The last one still in the game wins.

I hope these tips and ideas for a Frozen party were useful! Should you want to say something or have further ideas please leave a comment 🙂

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