5 destinations I’d love to visit again.

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Trip to Mexico

Some places just stay in your heart, they carve a tiny place in there and they never leave. They turn into something more than ‘a place’, they become – somehow – a feeling. Everytime you want to feel that way, you know there’s one and only thing to do: book a trip, take a plane, feel that rush of adrenaline of escaping from everything, and come back there. Well, sometime it’s easy, sometimes it takes years but it is always exciting. It is beautiful. And, to me, this is the truly essence of ‘travelling’.

I was asked by my friend Giulia to take part into Booked.netTop Destinations to Go There campaign by sharing five of my favorite travel destinations.

So, here I am, making a list of the 5 destination where I’d love to come back, sooner or later.


Oh, how I love Japan. Since I was a teenager I was fascinated by its culture and art and – yes – also by its amazing illustration and animation tradition. When I went there for the first time, more than 5 years ago, I was completely mesmerized. Everything about Japan is so full of beauty and contradiction. Majestic temples and stunning skyscrapers, old rituals and modern technology, the extreme discretion of people and girls in the sexiest outfits ever, the urban landscape and the silent country, the fancy rooftop restaurants and the traditional ryokans. There’s something about Japan you can’t really explain, but you can feel it with every bit of your soul. An atmosphere like no other place. I would like to explore it more and more.

Travel to JapanTravel to JapanTravel to JapanTravel to JapanTravel to Japan


I went to Mexico in 2006 and it was the best trip ever. Me and him had literally just met and we decided to take a trip to the other side of the world. I’d recommend it to anyone: as soon as you’re in love, just have a holiday together. It will be the most magical thing ever, imagine the pleasure of travelling and discovery on top of the enthusiasm and the happiness you feel. Fireworks! Mexico is an amazing place: so full of history, tradition, culture, colours, magic. We travelled to Yucatàn then spent New Years Eve in San Cristobàl de Las Casas – Chiapas, after an amazing road trip, eating tacos and drinking hot ‘ponce’ (a kind of mulled wine) in the street, dancing with the locals under the stars. Just perfect. If Mexico is not on your travel wishlist I think it should be (just, please, avoid Cancun).

Trip to MexicoTrip to Mexico Trip to Mexico Trip to Mexico  Trip to Mexico


Crystal water, white sand, warm sun and candlelit dinner. Living with just a bikini and flip flops, without a single worry or stressful thought. I was in Maldives more than 10 years ago (with my family, so it was quite far from a romantic holiday) and I still dream about it. Of course, there’s no much to do apart from relax and enjoy the beach life, but isn’t that all you need when you want to have a proper break from everything? I think I have a thing for this kind of holiday so I really hope to visit another tropical paradise one day or another 🙂

MaldivesMaldives  Maldives Maldives mald2 Maldives


I’ve been to NYC twice but it is definitely one of the places I’d love to come back to. It has its own personality and a crazy, powerful atmosphere: you have the feeling that anything could happen there. It does not just ‘never sleeps’ but also never stops: every time you go to NY you discover something new, something unexpected. Moreover, it challenges me to fantasize about all the different ‘myself’ that I could be. Maybe the femme fatale who watches NYC skyline at sunset from the glass room of a skyscraper, or a bohémian artist who lives in a brick-walled loft. Or maybe Carrie, strolling around the 5th avenue proudly carrying shopping bags. How about just myself, a mum, taking my little girl to the Balto statue in Central Park?



‘Paris is always a good idea’ they say. And I totally agree. Where else in the world you can find that indulgent, classy, romantic atmosphere that surrounds you in Paris? I literally love everything about the city: the smell of fresh baguettes and croissants, the effortlessly chic Parisiens, the building roofs with chimneys and tiny windows, the Seine and its banks, the little bistrots. I think it is the most romantic destination ever but also a place full of potential.

Trip to Paris Trip to ParisTrip to ParisTrip to ParisTrip to Paris

There’s a sixth destination I would LOVE to come back to, which is Berlin. I was there a few years ago and I was enchanted by how buzzy, creative, young, artistic the atmosphere is. It is definitely a place where I’d love to live for a while…

How about you? I would love to hear which are the top 5 places you’d love to visit again… I am always in search of some travel inspiration! 🙂

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