At the Saatchi Gallery with Stella

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So here’s a random Saturday spent in London. The city where any day can be a special day, a day of fun and discovery, of beauty and style. At least, that’s what I feel about it. Last Saturday we decided to cross the city and head South, towards the elegant Sloan Square, for a quick lunch and an afternoon of art.

We decided to grab a bite at the self service restaurant at the top floor of Peter Jones store. Not because of the food – just ok – but for the absolutely stunning view over London.


It’s not the only option if you want to have a lunch around the area. Just a few steps ahead, towards Golden Square, you’ll find a number of different places to sit, relax and enjoy some food. Comptoir Libanais – Middle East food – or Manicomio – Italian – just to name a few.


I was super happy to take my new Stella McCartney Cavendish Star bag out for a walk. It is one of the more unique bags I’ve ever owned and I’m pretty proud of it. It matches my style so well: playful and rock at the same time. And then here’s our final destination:


Yep, the utterly beautiful Saatchi Gallery. Back 3 years ago, when I first came to London and started to look for a flat, I sometimes had some free time between one house viewing and the other, which of course I spent as a tourist. This was one of my fave places to visit. I once saw a group of school kids playing sports in this field in their school uniform. The grass was green and shiny, it was a beautiful sunny day, the square was so tidy and peaceful and I had just seen amazing art works in the gallery. It made me think ‘I’d definitely live here’. And so I did!


We went to the gallery together with Viola’s best friend and her family. They loved the place and had fun taking pics and interacting with the different artworks. Some of them were really asking for a bit of playfulness!


Me and my friend were doing just the same 🙂


The exhibition is called Post Pop: East meets West and showcases more than 100 artists from Europe, Asia and America who somehow are keeping the Pop Art tradition on. It can appear as an ‘easy’ exhibition since many works are so immediate, colourful and playful but it’s not. Some other works are too intense and controversial to be posted so I strongly invite you to go and see them for yourself.

During the exhibition I have:

– looked deeply inside a cow. Very deeply.


– seen what happens if you have a very good kitchenware throwing skills.


– found a swearing tapestry.


– posed with Marylin and Elvis.


– found huge treasures


It was such a nice, relaxed afternoon. I always love Saatchi Gallery.