Me, Cara Delevingne and a lipstick

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YSL lips event

A few weeks ago I received a (not so) misterious invitation. It was my ‘golden ticket’ for the coolest party in London this winter: the YSL party with Cara Delevingne.

As every woman I immediatly felt the ‘a wardrobe full of clothes and nothing to wear’ issue. Also, it was pretty clear that the party would be a star-studded one, packed with it girls, models and VIPs – no pressure. Moreover this happened during the coldest days of the year, the temperature was just above zero if not below. I would love to be a fearless fashionista who wears crop tops and no jacket even in winter but I am so NOT like that. I opted for a Topshop black leather dress – cool and decently warm at the same time – which I forgot to capture on camera.

The party was fun, the music was great and there were a few makeup and picture corners to unleash the selfie animal not so well hidden in all of us. I have a few snaps on Instagram should you want to have a look. And here’s miss Cara:

The next morning I attended the press day to discover the new YSL Beauty collection. Most of the people wandered around trying makeup or chatting with the PRs. I was more intrigued in understanding the creative process behind the creation of a make up collection, so I started talking with the responsible for the Lipsticks asking him questions like ‘ what inspire you?’, ‘which kind of woman were you thinking when you created this shade/this lipgloss’? I found out inspiration for makeup can come from anywhere: from spices to flowers, from fabrics to places, from movies to books. I was also very curious about which kind of woman were they imagining when they created the collections so we spoke a while about the classic woman with capital W, the one you see in classic movies (lipstick), the city girl, always busy and in need of something quick and easy to wear (lipgloss) and the rock girl, a mix of glamour and boldness, grace and force, who wants to create tension as she enters a room (lip tint).

YSL lips eventysl2ysl5

The collection was all there for us to try it. It was a colourful, scented, shimmering little paradise. It was nice to be able to understand what technology lies behind product we use everyday and how actually make up is supposed to work on your skin. We also saw a ‘demonstration’ of the collection by YSL chief make up artist who applied it on the gorgeous and perfect face of a model. Well.. that’s too easy! Do make a demonstration apllying the make up on a woman with Yoda wrinkles, witchy nose and Steve Buscemi eyes. THAT’s when I’ll believe the magic 😀

(Anyway, the makeup was so gorgeous and it took it 3 minutes to do it… pure envy!)


And here’s me, wearing what was my favourite discovery of the day: Tint in Oil

It is a lip tint enriched with nourishing oils. No need to apply lip balm before as it smoothens and softens the lips. The shine effect lasts an hour or so, then the tint stays giving the lips a lovely coloured effect. The one I am wearing is n.5 ‘Cherry my cherie’. It was created as a ‘problem solving’ lip tint as it is super quick to apply but lasts really long. It’s the same I am wearing in this vlog from min 1.32 (sorry, it’s in Italian!).

ysl3YSL lips eventSAMSUNG CSC

Last but not least, a psychologist did a very relatable speech, explaining us why make up is so important for confidence.

As a dress, a lipstick is somehow able to change your identity or enlighten some aspects of your personality. Make up is not just something you wear to be pretty but to feel in control of your appearence, to feel more confident. Even during war times, women tried to stain their lips with whatever they found in order to appear as more strong and confident. I’ve also heard about some hospitals that use ‘make up therapy’ to boost the mood of the (women) patients. It may seem like a beauty habit but there’s so much more behind make up and what makes us feel pretty and good in general.

I notice the difference when I work from home in my (dont’s say pijamas! don’t say pijamas!) leggings or when I dress pretty, do my make up and work from a café or a coworking. It really changes my mood.

Make up, a simple lipstick, is a symbol of love and respect for ourselves. We should all try bold red lips sometimes!