A little staycation and a great competition

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Mercure Six Friends Theory

I confess: I love staycations. There’s probably nothing more indulgent than play the lazy tourist or the happy explorer in your own city. That’s why I love the idea of spending the night in a hotel, even if – or maybe even more if – it’s just 20 minutes from my flat, and that’s what I did a few weeks ago.

I have been invited by Mercure to spend a night at the Mercure London Bridge hotel. If you had the chance to have a look at my vlogs (sorry, they’re Italian only!) you probably already know that.

Mercure Six Friends TheoryMercure Six Friends Theory

The reason why I had such a lovely chance was the launch of an exciting competition: The 6 Friends Theory. It is based on the 6 degrees of separation theory, which says the distance between us and anyone in the whole wide world is just 6 people away.

The competition gives the winner the once in a lifetime chance to travel the world proofing he is ‘6 degrees of separation’ away from an Australian Aborigen. This video explains much better. The amazing thing is that the trip is not planned until a winner is picked, then the journey will be based on his friends and where his connections take him (or her). I encorage you to try, all you have to do is a video to introduce yourself and show/tell why you should be the lucky traveller who’ll prove to the world this theory.

Our challenge was no less abitious (well, maybe just a little bit). Over the afternoon spent locked in a room of the Mercure London Bridge, with just the help of a phone and a computer, we had to prove our connections and followers could really virtually take us ‘anytwhere’.

Mercure Six Friends Theory

Just to mention a few among the challenges, we had to find ‘someone who is in Timbuktu right now’ and ‘someone who can send you the pic of a bike from China’, EASY things like that. The aim of the game was to complete the tasks and spread our personal hashtag as far as we could. The winner was the bubbly Laura from Heroine in Heels (*congrats*!).

The fun afternoon was followed by a nice dinner at Fish! in Borough Market where I had the chance to know some of the other bloggers a bit better like Char, Monica, Laura and Claire and Joanna.

Mercure Six Friends TheoryMercure Six Friends Theory

We then spent the night at the hotel, which was as relaxing as it could be.

The morning after I had the chance to notice its amazing interiors, an effortless mix of vintage and contemporary style. With an eye for hospitality: cookies and candies were all around, waiting to be snacked on.

Mercure Six Friends Theory

Best part of my little staycation? The breakfast. I can’t tell you how much I love hotel breakfast – even if I have to admit I missed more than one because I love being lazy and wake up (reasonably) late during trips and holidays. Anyway, breakfasts are hands down my favourite part of a hotel stay. A great breakfast kicks off your day in the best possible way, and this one was yummy and with a nice variety, served in a bright, stylish room.


And the nearby Borough Market, now opened and buzzing with street food stalls and its amazing food market, was waiting to be explored.

Yes: travelling is what I love the most, even when it means to travel 8 tube stops.

If you haven’t tried a stylish staycation yet, I strongly suggest it!


I was a guest of Mercure London Bridge. Opinions are my own.