Three women and an Afternoon Tea

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Afternoon Tea Le Meridien Piccadilly London

A few weeks ago my mum was visiting London. As an expat’s mum, she has always something to argue about the place I live in, the city, the lifestyle we have. She’s like that: always wanting to prove we’d live better in Italy in order to bring us back 😀

To her, London is beautiful but too busy, charming but too rainy, exciting but too caothic. That’s why this time I decided to let her try something she couldn’t but love: an afternoon tea.

Even if she travelled a lot and has been in London more than a couple of times, I was sure she never had such a lovely experience.

I happened to be invited from Le Méridien Piccadilly Terrace Grill&Bar to try their new Afternoon Tea inspired by the Chess Portraits by Francesco Ridolfi exhibition and I was more than happy to bring her and Viola along: three generations in front of a delicious feast.

Afternoon Tea Le Meridien Piccadilly London Afternoon Tea Le Meridien Piccadilly London Afternoon Tea Le Meridien Piccadilly London  Afternoon Tea Le Meridien Piccadilly London
It was a feast for the eyes as well: the menu was entirely shaped around the imagery of chess, so we had horses biscuits, black and white chocolate tarts, queen pastries. All presented on the classic, mouth-watering afternoon tea ‘treat tower’.

We ordered a couple of herbal teas (and a hot chocolate.. guess who was it for :D) but before that we indulged in some champagne. It was just 3pm so I wasn’t really ready for some ‘serious’ drinking, otherwise I would have surely tried the Gin Afternoon Tea, with a selection of infused G&Ts on the menu. They sounded heavenly: ‘Bulldog Gin with Fresh Lychee Fruit’, ‘Vanilla and Chilli infused Sloane’s’, ‘Sweet Basil infused Gin Mare stirred with Rosemary’. Maybe next time…

We made our way to the top of the tower starting with some delicious sandwiches, amazing pastries and – last but not least – some scones, Viola’s favourite, spreading a rich layer of Cornish clotted cream and jam on top.

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You know what? My mum came back home so smiley and relaxed. I thought that a museum tour was the best thing for her to do in London, while I was totally wrong. I’m almost sure this experience made her appreciate London so much more. Take my advice: should your mum ever come to London, take her out for an Afternoon Tea.

We were guests of Le Méridien Piccadilly – Terrace Grill&Bar Afternoon Tea. Opinions are my own (and my mum’s).