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As a blogger, I spend most of my day online. Don’t give me that look, I know you do it too. It’s easy for me to keep up with news and my friends’ Facebook feed, but even more with the web’s crazy trends and memes.

Kittens? Baby sloths having a bath? Dog dressed up as Minions? Minions dressed up as Minions? Rainbow unicorns? Crayon lipstick? Name one thing: I’ve already reposted it.

When asked me to picture my ideal date, inspired by the Internet obsessions, more than one image popped up into my mind.

The place

As a huge fan of Games of Thrones, that recently conquered the majority of my feed space – I have good friends, I know – my night out would be in the realm of the 7 kingdoms. Although I’m a fan of Jon Snow (Reborn In Peace) I’d ditch the cold Winterfell and go to Dorne instead, which is actually set in Sevilla.

Warm weather, stunning setting, great food, what else could I ask for? Well, maybe I won’t be lucky enough to have a candlelit dinner at the Alcazàr but I’m sure I can find something amazing anyway.
Sevilla Dorne

The outfit

No black and blue (or white and gold?) dresses this time. Let me go boho-chic instead, as Pinterest suggests. The boards I created always provide some stunning kind of inspiration. I’d go for a white dress, as bride-y it may look. Luckily Kayla Itsines’ BBG has started to pay off and I can go for a lace crop top. I’m not really into heavy make up so no contouring or tutorials for me. lacedress

The atmosphere

The al fresco dinner is lightened up with strings of bulbs.. ops, of Mason Jars with a bulb in it. Looks like there’s some DIY fan around here. We sit on a table for two while Sia sings an acoustic version of Chandelier facing the kitchen.

The food

After enjoying a couple of cocktails in a jar, we are ready for dinner. Zucchini noodles (or zoodles) with avocado and pesto sauce, kale chips, raw carrot cake and the *best brownie ever*. At least, that’s what the chef claims on his food blog. It all ends up on my Instagram account before the waitress can even say ‘enjoy your dinner’.


The pics

The atmosphere is so romantic and the dinner is great. We decide to take a selfie to remember this night forever. Too bad the Queen passes by behind us and decides to photobomb it.

“Don’t worry, babe” says Ryan* “we’ll take another.”


* yes, I’m in a couple, but how can you NOT involve Ryan Gosling when imaging the ‘Internet’s Best Date’?? 🙂

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Sevilla, Brownie pics and Ryan Gosling: Shutterstock
White dress. Chandelier video: Pinterest, Tumblr