Heartbeat: a thousand balloons in Covent Garden.

London ·

Sometimes happiness seems out of reach. You can feel it’s there, somewhere, but grabbing it looks incredibly hard. That’s why we need those days: the sunny Sundays when the day looks like a blank page ready to be filled. Choosing to fill it with beautiful things is a great move!

It was just me and Viola. I so wanted to see Heartbeat, the ballon installation in Covent Garden, and it looked like the perfect day to do so. But first, we stopped for a brunch.

kopapa3 kopapa2 kopapa1

Kopapa in Seven Dials has been around for a while and it’s well known for its brunch. It was an obvious choice, especially because they just had two spots left. We shared a huge portion of eggs on toast with mushrooms, tomato and avocato before heading to Covent Garden.


And there we were.


If Covent Garden is one of my favourite places in London, when looking so pretty it definitely makes me fall in love.

balloon6   balloon3 balloon2

Heartbeat is in Covent Garden until Sept 27th.