The most inspirational post I’ll ever write: How to make your dreams come true. For real.

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How to realise your dreams. Foolproof method to achieve everything you want.

Be it your dream job or anything you want to achieve. Here is how to realise a dream. Do you have what it takes?

Believe in what you want to achieve. As naive as it may sound: believe it, for real. Strongly. Fiercely. Believing in something that does not exists yet is both the the bravest and wisest thing you’ll ever do. Yes: it’s just a dream and there’s nothing proving that what you wish for will actually happen, but nonetheless believing is the engine that will keep you acting, moving, doing stuff, studying and practicing in order to succeed. No engine, no action. No action, no hope you’ll get what you want. Also: remember this is your dream and if you don’t believe in it, why should the world do it?

Have a plan. Yes. Dreams don’t come with a plan, you have to do it. Let’s imagine your goal as a destination and all you know about it is that it’s distant. Yeah: bloody far away. Ok: how far? Have you measured the distance? Have you studied the territory? Do you know all the travel options you have? Do you have all the skills a long trip takes? Once you have studied you have to start planning. What’s the first step? And the next one? What happens if..? Plan your way to success, in details, or you’ll lost your way. As simple as that.

Work hard and get shit done. Work hard. Talent, creativity and inspiration are just half of what it takes, the rest is just hard work. Don’t ever believe those people who are like ‘oh, I just had an idea and I’ve been lucky’. There’s no such things as luck. There are chances you can take IF you work hard. So wake up, make coffee, sit at your desk or whatever your work takes you and get shit done. Make a list. Complete it. Update it. Start over. Yes: every day.

How to realise your dreams. Foolproof method to achieve everything you want.

Talk to people. Ask for advices. Ask questions. Ask for meetings. The world is full of people who can and – surprisingly enough – WILL help you. Sometimes they do something for you, other times they just mention a name or a tool you didn’t think of, or maybe they just inspire you. There’s this misconception about having your idea stolen if you talk about it too much with other people. Well, let me tell you a secret: no idea is 100% original nor yours, and sooner or later someone will come up with exactly the same stuff whether you speak about it or not. What actually makes a difference is how well you work on that and how good you are. If you’re not good enough your idea won’t last long anyway.

Keep inspired. Keeping inspired is a key part of your dream-chasing experience. Find people you really admire and think about them, read about them, study what they are doing every time you feel losing your motivation. Let them become your role models. They probably built their success from scratch just like you, and they surely experienced hard times, like everyone does. Still, there they are.

Be the person you want to become. How would that person speak, act, eat, sleep, organise his/her agenda, spend his/her free time? Don’t waste time trying to become the best version of you when can just BE that person. From this very second.

And, remember: “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”