London’s best kept secrets: The Cinema Museum

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cinema museum London

As I stepped in, the smell of dust, paper and fabric was sticky in the air.

You can’t but love it.

You can’t but love such a place, it is just a hole that opens below your feet.

Alice meets Wonderland again, this time a cinema wonderland: the Cinema Museum in London.

This city is amazingly full of ‘best kept secrets’ and this is absolutely one of them.

How else can you call a beautiful venue hidden amongst the narrow streets of Elephant and Castle? You really get to feel lost until you find it, and you’re not really sure it’s the place you are looking for, until you enter.

They call it ‘the magic of cinema’. The dark, the first crackling sounds of a vintage film, a whisper in the silence.

True stars will live forever.

The athmosphere of the Cinema Museum is just amazing.

Downstairs there’s a small cinema room, where I saw the screening of the intense trilogy by Chiara Ambrosio ‘Time to go’ (surprisingly enough, featuring some flamenco).

Upstairs there’s a cool space for events with another screen and a lovely, boho bar. That’s where the talented BirdRadio gig took place.

All around the museum itself: clothes, books, old cinema signs and booklets, pieces and pieces of the movie industry all together, speaking to your eyes, making you feel in some weird and magic cinema rabbit hole.

Definetely a place worth a visit if you’re in London and looking for something special.

Here all info and the upcoming events.