Once upon a time in NYC

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It was almost summer and it was already  hot.

NY buildingI was happy: I got shorts and sneakers, a map, a city to explore.

My camera.

NY Magnolia BakeryNY Magnolia BakeryI wasn’t looking for something.

I just loved felt so lost and found in NYC.

NY MeatpackingNY MeatpackingYou can never figure yourself in a new city until you visit NYC.

And you realize you could move there tomorrow.


NYNY Wall StreetNY hot dog streetNY foodWould you like an hot dog?

Would you get lost in these streets with me?

NY hot dog taxiThere are some places that make you feel like you’re in a movie.

Everything here whispers ‘you can be anything’.

How impossible not to fall in love.

I always look at sunsets in a new city, the way light crosses the city to kiss you on the lips.

The color. Is it thick orange, is it pink, is it violet? Or is it all of them?