Southbank Vintage Classic Car Boot Sale

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Southbank Classic Car Boot Sale

Oh, how I love Southbank. I always enjoy a walk by the river, both daytime  – with street artists and giant soap balloons – and nightime, with the sparkling blue decorations on the trees and the city lights all around. It is such a special place, and there’s always something nice going on. Last weekend it was the turn of the Classic Car Boot Sale, a sale of vintage stuff and a display of amazing vintage cars.I wish I were one of those girl who can find the bargain of the year at any vintage sale, searching all the clothes rack and boxes and coming out with something truly amazing like – I don’t know – that ringmaster jacket I am looking for since forever, but unfortunately I’m not. Therefore I usually wander around looking at all the incredible stuff and I take pictures. Tons of pictures.Apart from a few iconic vehicles carefully displayed in the center of the market with a ‘don’t touch’ sign, the most interesting cars were those used by the sellers to display their items. Chevys, Minis, old Volkswagen.I have to admit some of the dresses on sale were amazing. I saw a 70s fur coat I loved but it was not my size, and a crazy Majorette jumper I had bought if only was cheaper. I have a thing for uniforms.Vinyl junkies would have find some excitement having a look at this stuff:But it was plenty of accessories, furnitures, toys and strange – yeah, pretty strange – other items.It was also plenty of places to grab a drink, a hot dog or a burger. Of course,      cnsp soI loved everything about it. If you’re passionate about vintage I’d sign up their newsletter, just in case…