Let’s travel together!

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Travelling with little children can be amazing but can also be a REAL PAIN.

I know you are secretly nodding behind the screen.

When they’re little smelly sweet things you can’t just put them in a baby carrier and go climbing – I mean, you could, but everything would be a bit complicated. Same for a simple city break. Things like nursing or preparing a bottle, changing diapers, calm down a crazy cry and ‘what’s this brown stain on her onesie/what’s this brown stain on MY SHIRT?’ happen a million times a day and it can be hard to enjoy a holiday the way you used to.

Then something magic happens: they grow up!

Viola stopped being a needy baby, stopped even being a toddler and became a child. An amazing, curious, not-producing-brown-stains-unless-heavily-provoked child. She grew up, started exploring the worl and faced such a big challenge like changing Country, friends and language at the age of 3 and half. But now, well…

She’s a traveller.

Oh, how I love that she is a traveller. Just like me, she feels the excitement as soon as we start wondering about new trips. Since we moved, she finds so natural to jump on a plane and land somewhere else. 

She loves packing, not just chosing her outfits for the trip but also filling the suitcase with crazy bits and bobs we’ll only discover later, hidden amongst the clothes and inside the shoes. Small lucky charms. Stickers. Even – Gosh – food sometimes. I once found a half eaten chocolate bar on the bottom of my bag, luckily making out with my shoes and not with my silk shirt.

This time she’s not the only excited one: we’re going to Abu Dhabi!

We’ve been invited by amazing St.Regis Hotels and Resorts to discover their latest offer: Family Traditions, a special treat that will make family holidays so much easier and fun for everyone, with captivating activities and thoughtful attentions for the little ones. They seem to know very well that travel are those kind memories that will stay forever in our hearts, helping building the little history of each family.

I really can’t wait to discover the amazing St.Regis Saadiyat Island Resort and above all to finally see this Abu Dhabi everyone’s talking about. It probably looks like a big and luxurious fun park but, since I love to discover culture and traditions of every place I visit, I’ll also do my best to find something authentic. Then take loads of photos and post them here, of course 🙂

Speaking about Family Tradition, let me tell you about Viola’s travel backpack, the one we aways carry around during our trips. It is filled with useful things to avoid the ‘mummy I’m bored’ complaint and can be also used for car, train and boat trips of course. It contains:

Pencils, markers, pens and a notebook – cause she loves drawing and now that she is starting to write, she loves trying to write some simple words as well. And when she really doesn’t know what to do, I draw some dinosaurs, animals and cartoon heroes on her notebook so she can have fun with some colouring. The same notebook can be used to play Battleship War, Tic Tac Toe or The Hangman.

Stickers – she LOVES stickers. I usually buy those 1000 stickers book and at the end of the trip there are stickers everywhere, even on the hostess clothes.

Small action figures – Ponies, superheroes, princesses. Anything goes as long as they’re small and easy to carry around. Complete the scene with some new accessories (i.e. some sugar bags as beds, some paper cups as houses…) and she can have fun for, well, at least 15 minutes ehehehe.

Music – believe it or not, she loves listening to music like a teenager, so I carry an old small iPod filled with the music she likes.

Activity books (or mags) – writing letters and numbers, find the way out of the labyrinth, spotting the differences etc. will help you keep him/her entertained.

Some snacks – They’re always hungry/thirsty when there are no vending machines around, so a snack and some water/juice are essential! Of course, I also have some videos and Apps on my smartphone and tablet, just in case… Well, now I really have to start taking out again swimsuits, sun cream and bikini (YAY!) and get ready for this amazing trip. I’ll keep you updated on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram so follow me!

St. Regis is offering a chance to win a vacation to a resort of your choice with an Instagram contest that’s all about family traditions. Until November 20, share a photo of a family tradition with the hashtag #stregisfamily and follow @stregishotels for a chance to win.