Girlfriends in Montecarlo: the video

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We were three. Three friends, bloggers, dreamers.

An ex-mummy-now-lifestyle/travel/allthingsnice-blogger (a.k.a. me), a foodie, a fashion blogger.

We were in the enchanted Montecarlo, a place far far away from reality where you can expect to meet a prince (or a Hollywood star, or a multi-millionaire..) at every corner of the street. Where the smallest boat you see at the pier is a three floor yatch whose tender is bigger than your flat. Where supermarkets are full of champagne, chocolate and foie gras. Where you can suddenly realize you are broke, and at the same time you can feel like a princess for a couple of days.

Put three girls like us together and you’ll get that helpless bubbly/silly mood of  a girl’s night out. You’ll get it non-stop for 48 hours 🙂 It was all about sparkly necklaces, fun times putting on men-repeller beauty masks while dancing around, trying on amazing silk dresses, wandering around the city trying to find some authentic spots like the Castle or the Japanese Gardens, drink and eat surrounded by candle lights.

Two days in early November. They made me feel like friendship can struck you just like love, it only takes the right person. Mad as you are. Romantic as you are. Dreamer as you are.

Thank you – Hotel:  Port Palace Hotel Restaurant: Ristorante La Marée. Necklaces: Tataborello. Outfits: Parosh and AuJourLeJour. Bags: Mialuis. Beauty products: L’Erbolario.

Video: Alba Russo