God and his Unicorn

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unicorn sky

HOMEWORK: next week’s topic will be Churches and we will visit a church. For homework I want you to draw or build a church, then show it to the class.

So here comes Viola with her drawing of a Church. It looks like cube, a square building with a door and two windows: “here’s a church.”

“Well, it looks like a house… churches have things like the bell tower, a crucifix.. do you remember the ones in Rome?”

“Got it, got it.”

After five minutes here she comes again. She has added a cross, flying in the air and, on one side of the church, a bell tower that looks like Barbie Rapunzel tower: pink, with merlons, pointy roof with a flag on top.

“Here’s the church.”

“Lovely. Now, why don’t you add some people?”

“Oh yes, people.”

She comes back and the church now looks like Primark on Black Friday: a huge queue goes around the entire building.

“Lots of people, huh?”

“The church is closed.”


“The priest has gone grocery shopping, and his wife is sick.”

“I see.”

“Are these people enough?”
“Well, yes, they are. If you want you can add some Statues and paintings.. you know, Saints and Angels.”

She comes back and, suspended on the church wall I see three figures: one with a ball, one with a cup and one on fire.

“Honey, who are they?”

“The Soccer God, The Tea God and The Fire God.”

“Oh, God.” (facepalm)


“Well, Viola, ‘Gods’ belong to Greek Mythology and I am not sure a Tea God does even exist. We have only ONE God.”

“The God of…?”

“The God of EVERYTHING.”

She looks confused.

“Then these are Saints. Saint Soccer, Saint Tea and Saint Fire.”


“Listen love, one of these days mom will tell you everything about God and Saints. In DETAILS.”

“Ok. Listen mom…”


“Together with the Saints, can I also draw a PONY?”

“OMG, NO!”

“But… a FLYING pony! A unicorn!”

Till now we’ve teached Viola just a few things about religion. We’re Catholic but since we live in London Viola is exposed to the most various religions. That is surely a plus if we think about teaching kids tolerance and respect from an early age, but can be a bit confusing for her…

How would you teach religion and WHAT would you teach about religion to a 5 y.o.?