I just stopped loving her

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Having a kid is: hard. Fun. Hard. Sweet. Hard. Scary.

Yep, I said scary. Or, better said, it forces you to face some of life’s big questions like love, bonds, growing up, growing old, death and other nice and bubbly topics like these. Like, for example, what happened today.

Let’s start from the beginning.

I feel crap these days, I have a flu since the beginning of the month which the GP keeps telling me to cure with (guess what? drumrolls…) water and paracetamol. Nonetheless I am up and running and today I decided to go out for a brunch with some friends today in lovely Chamomile in Belsize Park. I thought that poached eggs on toast and a hot cappuccino were the best medicine for me (what was I telling about drinking Cappuccino with luch? hehe).

brunch belsize park

chamomile brunch belsize park

Well, she decided to carry a doll. Not the usual doll, the one she’s been in love with for months. Another one. A new one, maybe prettier and trendier than the other.

So I asked: “how about Teresa?” (the old doll)

“She’s home.”

“I know. You haven’t played with her since a long time.”


“And you’re not carrying her around anymore. Why?”

“Well, mommy… I guess…”


“I just stopped loving her.”

And I was like O___O

Of course you can stop caring about a doll. It’s quite typical with kids. It was the sentence itself, the solemn way she told it. Her serious and thoughtful face.

‘I just stopped loving her’.

ARGH. I pictured myself as a teethless dotard secretly telling my deaf best friend: ‘you know… one day my daughter just stopped loving me’.

LOL. That’s how crazy kids make you.