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One of the things I love to do is chose an area of the city that I still don’t know and wander around with my camera.

I have to admit I don’t do it very often, I tend to find excuses like I don’t have enough time, or the weather sucks, or I don’t want to go alone. Actually, going alone is the only way to take proper pics and spend all the time I want focusing on every single detail that catches my attention. You know, if I’m in my photographer-mood I am able to spend ten minutes waiting for a flag to turn the right way, or for the light to go down a bit more, to have a nice flare. People hate this, I totally understand.

That’s why I’d rather go alone, but on weekends I usually spend time with friends and family so I try to take my pics as fast as I can. The results sometimes are not great but hey, it’s still a good compromise

vintage london

Last week, before spending the day in Stokey, I had a long walk along Dalston. I didn’t know the area and I found out it is packed with amazing vintage shops. If you love London and love vintage, Dalston is definitely a place to visit.

Here’s some of the places I recommend.

1. Beyond Retro – shop and café

Beyond Retro is a vintage paradise where you can find tons of good condition clothes and accessories from various eras. The brand has different shops in London, but the Dalston one is definitely the best. You can find almost anything, having fun trying clothes and hats, gloves and shoes. It also has a lovely cafè to have a sip after the shopping.

beyond retro londonbeyond retro londonbeyond retro london

2. Princess May Carboot Sale

I was lucky enough to stumble upon this unique Carboot Sale that takes place in the yard of Princess May Primary Shool. If you’re looking for something hip and original, don’t miss it…

princess may carboot saleprincess may carboot sale london

3. Pelicans and Parrots

A vintage shop that looks like a trendy boutique. You can hardly tell the clothes are second hand, and you’ll also find trendy home decors and objects. It has two venues, both in Dalston.

east london vintageeast london vintageeast london vintageeast london vintage


Dalston – Nearest tube: Dalston Kingsland

In this post: Beyond Retro – Pelicans and Parrots – Princess May Carboot Sale – The

In the nearby Stoke Newington I also reccommend Strut – The Cobbled Yard. Click here for my Stoke Newington post.

If you love vintage check also Southbank Vintage Classic Carboot Sale.