Mummy ·
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“Mom, why does dad has hairy legs and you don’t?”

“Uhm… well, actually I DO have hairy legs – luckily, not as much as daddy – but I shave them.”


“Because I don’t want to look like a monkey!”

“Daddy does.”

“Daddy is a man.”

“Why can man have hairy legs and women can’t?”

“Because… well (we live in a society where we accepted the idea that men can be hairy and women can’t, men can put minimun effort into self-care and women can’t, men can grow old and apparently women can’t, men can sleep with tons of women without being judged and women can’t, if a man has a little willy he’ll probably never consider surgery while boob-jobs are countless and… I could go on forever darling…) because… hmmm… (silence).”

What would you answer?