Sia – Chandelier: I’m obsessed.

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sia chandelier maddie ziegler

As soon as I first heard Sia’s new song Chandelier I loved it, but when I saw the video it became a beautiful obsession.
The amazing dancer performing in the video is called Maddie Ziegler, and she was already a little star in the US thanks to the reality show Dance Moms. Actually, every time I stumble upon these little dancers on Youtube or Instagram I am left totally speachless by how gifted they all are. Is it something they drink or eat, there in the US, that makes them so incredible? 🙂

Well, here’s the video:

Of course, opinions about it were controversial.

Some think that Maddie’s performance is too much for a kid of her age, and that she’s oversexualized (like, I have to say, most kids in the show biz), others think this is pure art, and what Maddie is showing is just simple, amazing talent. I am with them. Don’t forget, anyway, that dance is bond with a bit of sexuality anyway. I’ve seen choreographies made for kids that were BY FAR sexier than this, but the talent level was so low they just looked very funny. So, if Maddie is to blame about something, here’s the truth: she’s so damn talented.

I think the coreographer has made an amazing job in mixing contemporary and jazz dance with silly-like moves, who avoid the over-dramatization of the dance. And the location, that’s just perfect.

This video is SO inspiring. Good job Sia, great job Maddie!