We love Ubooly

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ubooly smart toy for iphone

He – or should I say ‘she’? It’s pink! – arrived home and Viola started jumping. Then running. Then hiding. Then pretending her chair was a bycicle and a pencil was a magic wand.

Meet Ubooly, a smart toy that kids will love.

ubooly smart toy for iphone

She laughed because the fluffy thing was telling jokes, and tales.

Ok: we loveUbooly.

Ubooly is an interactive toy that works popping your iPhone in it. Thanks to an App, the smarphone becomes its face and the fun begins. Games, role playing and fun, pushing the kid’s imagination. No boring and passive entertainment in front of a screen but a real adventure, created thanks to the kid’s imagination with the help of the objects around.

ubooly smart toy for iphone

The opposite of the classic iPhone games for kids!

ubooly smart toy for iphone

Thanks to the amazing eshop L10 trading for introducing us to Ubooly. Take a look at the rest of the shop too, it has amazing gadget for Apple users, like my Otter cover 😀