Our sunny Foodies Festival

London ·

Since I am in London I’ve come to appreciate more quite a few things.

Among them: a nice sunny day (quick! quick! get undressed and lay in the first green spot you see!) some yummy street food (from any Country) and picnics. What if the three come together in a lovely, warm late-spring day? It’s just pure heaven.

A couple of weeks ago I’ve been to Foodies Festival, an event that takes place in different locations in London and in other UK cities. At the Foodies Festival, as the name itself says, it’s all about food. Tons of stalls of street food, organic food, handmade food all together, giving you the kind of guttony vertigo of having too many yummy things at hand. Truth is, you just want to have a taste of everything.


The event takes place from March to August in Bristol, Cheshire, Edinburgh, Oxford and – of course – London. We went to the Kenwood House appointment.




I started with something light: a veggie box – which I actually didn’t like that much, so I quicky turned on to something else.


Viola went straight to the Gourmet Farm hot dog stall – wise girl, I should just follow her…


I felt a mix of a country girl and Frida Kahlo that day, so hello colorful/hippie/flowered outfit!

Here’s me, having a taste of an organic burger WHILE enjoying a marvellous chocolate-peanut butter ice cream. Oh, that gelato van… it was so amazing!

foodiefest17 foodiefest16 foodiefest11 foodiefest14 foodiefest12

And in the end… a glorious sun came out.

The ‘quick, find a green spot and lay down’ couldn’t have been satisfied more quickly. In a second there we were: relaxed under the sun after a delicious lunch, sipping Pimm’s (me) and fruit smoothies (her).

And in the background, the music of a nice band playing live on stage. Could I ask for more?

foodiefest23 foodiefest22 foodiefest21 foodiefest20 foodiefest19 foodiefest18

FOR MORE INFO ON FOODIES FESTIVAL visit http://foodiesfestival.com/