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If I could make one of my many dream come true, I’d make Monday a relaxing day. After all, who doesn’t need a day between Sunday and Monday? I do!

So, when last Monday I had the chance to start my week in an amazing SPA with a – drumrolls – rooftop pool, I felt like the happiest girl in the world 😀

I have been lucky enough to try the rooftop pool and SPA of The Berkeley, an amazing five star in Knightsbridge with a superbe view on Hyde Park and the roofs of London. The 7th floor of the hotel, with its Healthclub and SPA, is an oasis of peace in the frenzy life of the city. You overlook the streets, but you definitely feel in another world.

The Berkeley hotel rooftop and SPA LondonChiara-Berkeley-Hotel-5

Giulia from came with me. She’s a great blogger and also a fantastic photographer, as you can see from these pics.

I played the femme fatale in the swimming pool, even if my fluo-colored skin was not really helping 😀

The Berkeley hotel rooftop and SPA LondonThe Berkeley hotel rooftop and SPA London

Before splashing I had the chance to try one of the SPA massages, the Bamford Signature Treatment.

It is a treatment that combines shiatsu, meridian and swedish massage, reflexology and yogic breathing to revitalise the whole body. Let me tell you it was like being in heaven. The therapist was amazing, applying the right pressure on my body to soften my muscles without making me feel any discomfort and completely relaxing my body. The setting was so relaxing as well, everything in that room was made to chill you out: the candle lights, the scent of the natural oils, the sound of the music – actually one of the best soundtrack I’ve ever had during a massage.

All treatments offered in the SPA use the Bamford Body Collection, created with naturally sourced and organic ingredients certified by the soil association, and I could really tell it by how amazingly natural they smelled and by how soft my body stayed afterwards. For my treatment we used a Geranium oil, which penetrates deep into the skin to help the muscles relax and recovery.

It was a fantastic experience, I came out of the room with that silly smile on my face you have when you’re totally happy.

Coming back to the pool, still smiling, I found a lovely herbal tea and a snack waiting for me.

Bamford Signature Treatment Bamford Signature Treatment

Chiara-Berkeley-Hotel-11 Chiara-Berkeley-Hotel-10The Berkeley rooftop pool and SPA London

As if I wasn’t pampered enough, soon the sun was shining over the pool.

Can you picture how strange it is to be in a rooftop pool over London and experience how many times the weather changes in a few hours… while bathing in some delightfully warm water?

Chiara-Berkeley-Hotel-19The Berkeley hotel rooftop and SPA LondonChiara-Berkeley-Hotel-29

Last stop: the green solarium, full of fig plants and lovely scented by the jasmine bushes.

The Berkeley hotel rooftop and SPA LondonChiara-Berkeley-Hotel-35

Last stop: the lunch by the sidepool. There’s a lovely light bites menu we tried.

I had an amazing lentil salad, Puy Lentils (with green apple, organic quinoa, sweet potato crisps and basil dressing) with a delicious smoothie, the Melon Refresher, made of honeydew melon, mint, grape and natural yoghurt. I definitely want to try at home too!

The Berkeley rooftop pool and SPA LondonBerkeley rooftop pool Chiara-Berkeley-Hotel-x

I also found out that The Berkeley rooftop pool has some hours dedicated to children: Monday to Friday 12pm – 2pm and 4pm – 6pm. I would really love to take Viola with me next time, I’m sure she would LOVE it as I did.

If you’re looking for the best place to have a splash in London, I’d definitely put The Berkeley rooftop pool in your list, same if you’re looking for an amazing SPA. Notice that, in case of bad weather, the pool is covered so you can still enjoy the amazing view over London without getting too wet or cold.

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