Water infusion recipes

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acqua aromatizzata - water infusion

Drinking is so important, but I tend to be forgetful about sipping a good glass of water once in a while. I can consider myself a bit dehidrated, since while I work I don’t tend to keep a bottle of something by my side and I tend to drink just during meals – and not always water. No, I drink too little and I definitely shoud do it more. The problem is… water is not yummy!

Well, problem solved.

acqua aromatizzata - water infusion

I discovered the amazing world of water infusion. Such a simple yet life-changing idea.

You take a bottle of water and you just add some fruit and herbs. They will slowly release their flavors, making your water slightly aromatic and so much more interesting to drink.

acqua aromatizzata - water infusion

Infusing water has lots of benefits:

– it makes it good

– it makes you feel fuller, avoiding the continuos snacking in the afternoon

– drinking more helps detoxing the body

– it cuts your sugar intake since, compared to something else you could drink during the day, it does not contain or need any sweetener

– it makes you feel fresh and full of energy

– at the end of the bottle, maybe some yummy fruits awaits to be eaten!

acqua aromatizzata - water infusionacqua aromatizzata - water infusion

Here are some recipes for water infusion:

– lemon/lime and mint

– lime, mint, cucumber

– mint and cucumber

– strawberry and mint

– strawberry, lemon and mint

– blackberry and mint/sage

– pineapple and mint

– watermelon, mint and lime

– watermelon and rosemary

– orange, lemon and lime

– raspberry and lime

– peach and sage

– cherry and lime

Of course you can try any combination as long as it’s good!

Remember to discharge your fruit (the best way is to eat it) at the end of the day, and to start every day with fresh new fruit and herbs.

Last but not least: the bottle. Choose a reusable or a glass bottle, I use a VOSS water one but I found out there are some pretty infusion-maker bottles around:

If you make any infused water after reading this post and post a picture, please tag me with #mcdfood so I can see it 😀

p.s. thanks for enjoying so much my Baked Zucchini Sticks! I saw lots of pictures all over Instagram 😀