Portugal – lovely Obidos

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Trip to Portugal - Obidos

We arrive to Obidos at sunset, but the colors of the houses are so vivid even in the shadow.

Trip to Portugal - Obidos


After the first steps into the town we realize that it is delightful: a small gem in the Portuguese countryside made of coloured houses, little shops, restaurants, churchs and cracked walls covered in vines.

We carry our luggages making the classic ‘tourist noise’ over the cobbled streets and we arrive at our Hostel, which actually this time is a GuestHouse, Casal da Eira Branca, in an old house in the centre.

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We don’t really plan to see any monument or attraction in particular: the whole Obidos itself is the attraction. Walking throught its pretty streets while the sun goes down, the lights turn on and the restaurant starts spreading a delicious smell was so nice. Obidos looked such a happy, lovely place.

Trip to Portugal - Obidos


Little travel blogger in training? 🙂

Trip to Portugal - Obidosobi12Trip to Portugal - Obidos

After a dinner in a restaurant just outside town, the following day we just take our time, have a lazy breakfast and enjoy strolling around the city. We enter shops, churches, palaces, we get lost in the narrow street and discover its beauty.

Trip to Portugal - ObidosTrip to Portugal - ObidosTrip to Portugal - ObidosTrip to Portugal - Obidos

We climb up the walls, and admire the orange tiled roofs.

Trip to Portugal - Obidos

Last but not least, before going we have a taste of the delicious Ginja, the typical cherry liquor served in a chocolate cup. Yum!

Trip to Portugal - ObidosTrip to Portugal - Obidos

Then it’s time to move, Lisbon is waiting for us and, before it, the marvellous Sintra.