Portugal – Sintra, Lisbon and ‘something unexpected’

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Trip to Portugal - Sintra

The key to enjoy a trip is to be able to deal with the unexpected. There is always something on our way that spoils our plans a little bit. Sometimes is a minor thing, other times – like when I was almost killed by a train in Cuba (sorry, the post is in Italian only) – it’s something serious. Now I can tell the difference, and I will always be grateful for this.

Of course, something unexpected happened during my trip to Portugal too, but I’ll tell you all about it at the end of this post. Now, please follow me as we go from Obidos to the beautiful Sintra, before heading to our final destination: Lisbon. (Yes, let’s pretend we’re travelling together even if now we’re both in front of a computer :).

Trip to Portugal - Sintra

Sintra is just a dream came true. It will look like you have arrived in a Realm of fairytales, princesses and kings.

Since 1995 it is a UNESCO Heritage Site (third one I visited in a month! Porto, Warsaw and Sintra! :).

Sintra’s centre hosts the amazing Palàcio Nacionàl, built in 1850, with beautifully decorated halls as well as everyday life rooms like the kitchen with two of the highest and biggest chimneys ever built in Europe.

Trip to Portugal - Sintra

In the palace I also found this bizarre Jesus painting. Why is he wearing something that looks like a girl’s night robe? And why does the lamb looks so much like a baby unicorn? Anyone who knows art better than I do is invited to help me figure this out!

Trip to Portugal - Sintra

Then of course a must in Sintra is the stunning Palàcio De Pena. In the palace you find many styles, from arabic to gothic to classic, and they’re mixed in an original, dreamlike way.

Rounded domes and pointy turrets, high towers, pinnacles and majestic gates. Everything so colorful and prettily designed it looks like it popped out of a Disney movie. I will enchant you.

Trip to Portugal - Sintra Trip to Portugal - Sintra Trip to Portugal - Sintra  Trip to Portugal - Sintra Trip to Portugal - Sintra

I suggest you to dedicate at least half a day to visit the main attractions of Sintra, but it is also perfect as a day-trip from Lisbon.

Lisbon, in fact, is our next and last stop. But, before we get to the centre, we decide to do a yummy break in Belém, tasting the amazingly good Pastéis de Belém. I had the typical Portuguese Pastéis de nata many times in my life, but I had tasted NOTHING before having a bite of the Pastéis de Belém. They are just perfect: a buttery yet light pastry filled with the most delicious cream you have ever tasted. Compact yet creamy, warm and scented, full of flavour. Paradise in a mouthful.

If you have ever tasted them, you know what I am talking about.

Trip to Lisbon - Pasteis de Belem

Trip to Lisbon - Pasteis de Belem

We took some Pastéis and ate them in the nearby park, sprinking them with sugar and cinnamon (I prefer them without, though).

Trip to Lisbon - Pasteis de Belem

And here’s when something happened, probably because I was so busy buying and enjoying my Pastéis: I lost my wallet.

I may have left my bag opened and it fell down somewhere, or it got stolen while I was buying the pastéis, or I just left on the counter since I had also my phone and my camera in my hands. Anyway, I arrived at the Hostel and when I had to present my ID Card for the registration I realized in horror that my wallet wasn’t with me anymore.

Luckily, my phone was in my pocket and my Passport was in my suitcase.

Trip to Lisbon - Pasteis de Belem

I could have cried and whine, or blame myself and being pissed off for the rest of the trip, but I decided to avoid it.

I quickly blocked the credit cards and moaned a bit for the money (I had just made a whitdrawal!) but then.. you know, it was such a beautiful evening. The sun was illuminating the terrace of the amazing Hostel – This is Lisbon , hightly recommended –  with its pink light, the breeze was warm, Lisbon looked so beautiful from the top of the hill.

I decided to pour myself a glass of Porto, and just enjoy all that beauty.

lisb4 lisb5

The athmosphere was magic, there was no way I would have allowed a lost wallet to ruin all that.

I felt so happy (and so wise as well… haha). Lisbon rewarded me with the most amazing sunset.

Trip to Lisbon