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Frozen Party

I know my girls is not the only one obsessed with ‘Let it gooo… Let it gooo!’- aka Frozen, the latest Disney movie. She especially loves Elsa, the beautiful (and fragile) ice-queen. I love this character too, it is so complex and human… #temaElsa haha.

Well, her 6th birthday on Sept 4th started at home with a sparkling blue present…

Frozen PartyFrozen PartyFrozen Party

Of course the birthday party, last Saturday, could have one and only theme: Frozen!

I have actually planned it in advance, before summer, so I had the time to order a few things on Amazon. I also got the precious help of, who sent me a box full of amazing decorations for the party. I just had to do one think: cooking! I don’t really like to put on my party table chocolates and crisps, so I tried my best to do something yummy and homemade. Here it is 😀

Frozen PartyFrozen Party

Here you find the Focaccia recipe (in Italian) – here the Cupcakes one (base + frosting)

In this post I’m just going to share some pictures of the party, in the next post I’ll write down a few tips to organize a Frozen party – menu and games included!

As you cannot decorate a park, I put some light decoration on the tree, some snowflakes and snow balls…

Frozen PartyFrozen Party Frozen Party Frozen Party  Frozen Party

Here is the food: two picnic tables and lots of cute white/blue paper plates/accessories.

Frozen PartyFrozen PartyFrozen PartyFrozen PartyFrozen Party

I had prepared a lot of Frozen themed games…

Frozen PartyFrozen PartyFrozen Party

…but in the end the kids had more fun playing around, climbing trees and running on the field.

Frozen PartyFrozen PartyFrozen Party Frozen Party

And finally… the cake!

Frozen PartyFrozen Party Frozen Party

Wihtout forgetting some party bags 😀

Frozen Party Frozen Party

Thanks <3