7 rules for a perfect makeup base

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YSL Teinte Encre de Peau review recensione

I thank God there were no social media when I was a teenager experimenting with make up. I think I experienced every horror mistake: from the orange fake tan like powder to the wrong foundation color, from the random smokey-eye at 10 am to the extra sticky lipgloss, from the purple eyeshadow to the violet lips – yes, I think I did it all. With lots of fun.
Luckily, no Snapchat screenshot can be used against me.

Growing up I learned a thing or two about make up, especially that it is not only supposed to hide our flaws, but to enhance our beauty. Unless I have to do something special I like to keep it the most natural possible during the week and play with shadows and bold lipstick during the weekend.

Since I suffer from the widespread ‘Gmail tan’ for working too much at my laptop I got to understand the importance of a glowing, even skin. I don’t like heavy foundations though, so I try to keep it simple by using light products with a good coverage but a nice feel on my face.

I recently discoveret Le Teint Encre de Peau, new YSL foundation. I fell in love with it. It is a super light liquid cream that perfectly blends into your skin, leaving it mat, even, velvety soft and hydrated. It’s like a second skin effect: all the benefits of a foundation without the sensation of wearing it.

YSL Teinte Encre de Peau review recensione

I tested it and it really lasts long: I applied it at 8am in the morning and after coming back home my skin was still nice and even.

YSL Teinte Encre de Peau review recensioneYSL Teinte Encre de Peau review recensione

Also, since these years have not passed in vain, here’s my 7 beauty tips for a perfect make up base:

Infographic beauty - 7 tips for the perfect make up base - foundation
Spero che questi consigli vi siano utili e sono curiosa di sapere la vostra make up routine.. vi truccate ogni giorno? Se sì, come?