Autumn DIY: falling leaves

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DIY autunno - Autumn leaves DIY

This is a super-duper cheap and easy DIY I just did for my home. Since I can’t put nails on my walls (sigh) I always try for some other options that don’t damage the wall. This time I just used some simple washi tape. I love the result: it’s pretty, it makes my wall look cozy and autumn-ish.

Here are the instructions.

You need:

– leaves

– golden spray paint

– washi tape

1. Go to the nearest park and pick some fallen leaves. It is better to take them in different size, some smaller some bigger, so the result will be more natural.

DIY autunno - Autumn leaves DIYDIY autunno - Autumn leaves DIY

2. Spray paint your leaves. Be careful to do it outdoor or near a window since the spray paint can be quite toxic. I chose a water-based one.


3. Let the leaves dry for some hours or for a whole night.


5. Take your washi tape. To avoid damaging the wall I first stick/removed it from my tee, so that it was less sticky. Then cut small pieces and tape the leaves to the wall in random order, like they were swept away by the wind.


6. Voilà! Here’s your fallen leaves wall 🙂