My Autumn bucket list

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This mild and sunny weather in London is shaking my endorphines more than usual and I feel SO happy Autumn is coming!

Despite the weather, I love this cozy, colourful season. I am so into walking into the park, jumping into the leaves and take pictures around, and I love coming back home, maybe indulge in some hot bath with some candles and a glass of red, or watching a movie with Viola, all wrapped up in a blanket. I have to remember all the nice things I can do before the weather kicks me down and the enthusiasm gets lost in the morning fog.

Here’s my Autumn bucket list, I hope you enjoy it!

(feel free to print it and hang it in your kitchen as I did :D)

Autumn Bucket List


p.s. the cover pic is from our pumpkin carving post. Here the original post (Italian).