Run or Dye photos!

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I don’t run.

I mean, I tried but my training is always interrupted by some kind of tummy pain (they say it’s because I breathe trough my mouth, but who knows) but then I gave up and focused on the sofa gym (here my Fitness Pinterest board, should you be interested).


Last Sunday my friends Giulia and Susy asked me to join them for the Run or Dye, another version of the most famous Color Run. It is officialy a 5K, unofficialy a selfie paradise. Every half a km. people throw at you some coloured powder that make you look like a Unicorn just threw up on you. I could sum up the color runs as ‘blue boogers for a week’ or ‘how the hell did this shit ended up in my panties’. SO much fun 😀


I’d say 10% of people actually go there to run, the remaining 90% goes there for selfies. In fact, try to ask your un-fittest friend, he has probably attended a color run too. This makes you feel much more confident about your running skills 🙂


Quote of the day (from Giulia): “Do you think any cab will take me home?” (she said, leaving color traces behind her).

rundye9rundye11 rundye10

Aaanyway, cool day, lovely friends and lots of laughs!