Tower of London: a million red poppies

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Tower of London poppies

London has stole my heart. Completely.

On weekends, I always wake up excited. ‘Where should we go today? Which area of this city can I explore? What’s new?’. And there’s always something new. Something stunning. I am here since almost 3 years now but I still feel like on holiday in some kind of wonderland.

Here’s what I saw yesterday. I knew about the poppies at the Tower of London and I had seen loads of pictures around, so before it was dismantled (Nov 11th) I wanted to see it myself.

How amazing was it?

Tower of London red poppies

October, here in UK, is the month dedicated to remembrance. The Red Poppy is the symbol of all the soldiers who died during the World War I and many people wear a red poppy pin and/or donate something to the fund dedicated to the British Legions. The poppies, symbol of the blood spilled in war, have become a stunning installation at the Tower of London.

It is beautiful and moving, especially if you think that each ceramic flower, planted by volunteers, represents someone who died for his Country.

Here’s the pics I took:

Tower of London red poppiesTower of London red poppies