A letter from Elsa. Yes: FROZEN’s Elsa!

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Disney Elsa Frozen letter

You’ve got mail.

Yes, you really want to open thisone yourself: it is not something from the school or the doctor. No, not a friend’s party invitation.

It is a letter. An icy-cold, sparkly-blue letter. And guess whos’ it from.

You want to read it? Of course.

(sorry, the video is in Italian. The card says: Dear Viola, these little presents are for you. Looking forward to meeting you, Elsa.)


As you know, Frozen is an obsession among young kids and my daughter makes no exception. Do you remember the carefully prepared Frozen Party she had for her last birthday? She just loves Elsa and Anna, but Elsa – proud, sparkly, beautiful, powerful (and I’d add so frail, human, imperfect) – is her favourite.

Imagine how happy she was after receiving mail from her!

She wanted to reply with a letter. Ahaha, I KNOW, spelling is still a bit of a struggle for her. Can you understand what she wrote?

Letter for Elsa Frozen

And guess what’s happening soon?

Someone here is VERY EXCITED!!! And I am as well! 😀