Our Halloween

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Halloween night in the middle of an indian summer, what a perfect mix!

Having lived in Italy since almost 3 years ago, Halloween wasn’t something I was used to celebrate. Actually, Italian kids just dress in a costume for Carnival, in February, while totally ignore trick-or-treating. For Viola it is becoming a tradition, she did it last year for the first time and had a blast. This year she enjoyed it even more, asked to be dressed up as a witch (she loved the makeup! such a girly girl) and was overexcited for two reasons: going out by night to get candies AND go out with bare legs. Ha ha.

hallo2  hallo4

I loved the way some of the houses were perfectly decorated. Some had made up from scratch a graveyard in their front yard! So cool and creepy.


There were hundreds of kids by the streets. Doors with the lightened up pumpkin were literally under attack! Trick or treating can be a battle to the last candy left 😀

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We met her school friend and her sister and they started running around, chatting and… eating the candies!

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End of the evening loot. What do you think? 🙂

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