The perfect Christmas wishlist

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Ok, this is MY Christmas wishlist made with all my heart for you (insert random heart icon). No jokes, I mean it! Every of these product is either one or my favourites or is actually on my wishlist. I hope you enjoy my suggestions and I hope they inspire you!

I divided the things into categories, one for every thing I want to ‘be’ or ‘do’ in 2015. I think that sometimes a nice object or purchase can be the trigger to do or try something new, to express ourselves, to achieve something.

This is a super positive wishlist, actually full of ‘wishes’. I hope you enjoy it!the perfect christmas wishlist


1. To capture every moment: GoPro Hero 4 – Can’t imagine a trip without taking pics and – lately – videos. While I love my Canon, sometimes I feel the need to be hand free and/or appear in my videos. That’s why I’d love a GoPro and the latest release, the GoPro Hero 4, seems a step ahead than the previous models. It has an amazing HD quality, a touch screen and loads of more features.

2. To change the old black camera bag: Epiphanie Bag – Who said camera bags need to be black and boring? Take a look at these and tell me if you don’t want one! My favourites are India, Florence and Catalina, how about yours?

3. To keep your phone alive: Mophie battery case – I know you can feel my pain: 1% of battery at 3pm. While you are travelling it’s even harder to stop to recharge, that’s why you need something like this. Reliable, light and absolutely cool.

Be stylisth

4. To keep up with the tartan trend: Zara Scarf – super cozy and warm, what else can you ask to a scarf? Oh: to be trendy. Yes, this one definitely is.

5. To wear some fashion: Daniel Wellington Watch – I love my DW watch, it has a timeless design, simple and sleek, you can wear it with any outfit: from jogging pants to party frock. It is the perfect Christmas gift for your loved one… or for yourself! Use my discount code: holidaymachedavvero to get 15% off the full price until Dec 31st. DW offers free shipping worldwide.

6. To be stylish, always: Asos Fedora Hat – I have a thing for hats and this Fedora is just perfect. The ideal finishing touch for any look 🙂


7. To enjoy some aromatherapy: NEOM Candles – I know this brand because a shop near my place stores it and once you try these candles you can’t go back to normal ones. They are made with organic essential oil, so they are truly able to relax, inspire or energize you.

8. To enjoy a cup of tea even more: Frida Mug, Dillo con un fumetto designer Luca Golinelli made some unique mugs inspired by great artists of the past. Frida is just my fave, check out the other ones too.

9. To have a perfect skin: Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate You’ll first fall in love with the delicious lavender scent of this serum, then with the way your skin feels after using it. For me, an absolute must.

Eat better

10. To try something new and delicious: Ottolenghi, Plenty More I love Ottolenghi and the way he mixes colors, flavours and traditions of Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisine. This book is the most recent and has plenty (ha ha) of amazing recipes.

11. To drink some goodness: Nutribullet Nutribullet is a juice extractor, which means it does not alterate all the vitamins and nutrients of fruit and veggies. I’d love to have one!

12. To cook in style: Kitchen Aid Artisan – Kitchen Aid is a DREAM. Yes, you realize you’ve grown up when a kitchen robot enters your wishlist. Not only the design is amazing, but the performance of the Artisan can’t be beaten.


13. To have the perfect sneakers: Nike 4.0 Flyknit . So cool, inside or outside the gym. Need to say more?

14. To finally get back in shape: Kayla Itsines BBG. Kayla is the latest fitness guru, hugely popular online. Her followers’ before and after pics are astonishing. Her 12 weeks workout program promises to get you the bikini body you’ve always wanted. And you can do the workout at home! No more excuses.

15. To feel pretty while working out: Fabletics fitnesswear Kate Hudson is the cofounder of this new fitnesswear brand. With the first order you get 50% of discount and I couldn’t resist: I bought 2 sets. The quality of the clothes is great and the design is beautiful. Thumbs up!

Live the city

16. To play the diva: Stella McCartney cateye sunglasses Every woman needs a pair of amazing sunglasses. I saw these cat eye ones by Stella and decided I need them in my life.

17. To frame London: Great Little Place London Print I love London and you know it, and I want to celebrate this love with a beautiful, stylish print..

18. To go out and explore: Derby Shoes, Zara Cool but comfy. Trendy but easy to wear. Great either under trousers or skirts. What else can you ask to a pair of derby shoes?