Two project to support. And my life, lately.

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September and October have been crazy, and November has started exactly in the same way. I can’t complain at all: I love when life gets busy. I sometimes feel overwhelmed but, as far as I’m ‘complaining’ about work to do and planes to catch, it means everything’s good – and I am grateful for that.

Today is a pretty normal day. It’s 3pm, I just got back from a working morning at The Den, the stunning space where I’m working from lately – I will tell you more about that soon. Now all the pick-up/swimming lesson/grocery shopping/cooking frenzy starts, and my afternoon will soon be finished. Where do all the work resolutions drown? It’s there, I tell you: in those crazy afternoon hours. I still make plans as I have the whole day, but I just don’t.

Last week I’ve been in Edinburgh for 3 days, I will soon tell you more about the trip. It has been so much fun and I discovered a bit more about this amazing city. I actually have to admit that after three days of Scottish Gin I came back home feeling like Jack Sparrow, but that’s ok.

A few days ago I also met Stefano from Italian Kingdom. IK is a beautiful, HONY-like project, telling everything about Italian expats life – with a focus on struggles and emotions. The stories tell a lot about the challenges of living in another country and some of them are really cool and interesting (here’s mine).

They are planning to publish a book and they’re crowdfunding it. It’s an ambitious and beautiful project, they’re young and talented so I really want to support it. You can do it too, click here to know more.


In the meantime I am working on the BOOK ART PROJECT for its first exhibition, opening in Rome on the 26th November at 6.30.

I posted something on the Italian version of this blog but haven’t talked about it here yet. Basically, 12 artists are working on artworks inspired by my book ‘Da qualche parte nel mondo’ (Somewhere in the world – find it more about it here). My novel takes place in the world of art, hence the idea of involving some artists. They are actually working on a copy of the book, using it as a canvas.

It is a one of a kind project and I am so happy it is finally coming to life. The 12 artists involved have all different styles: we have fine art as well as abstract, conceptual, tattoo, comic and street art. I have seen the artworks and, believe me, they’re amazing. It’s also incredibly exciting for me to see my story come to life through their creativity. It already happened with the video of the book, and now it’s happening again. Wow.

The best part is that the BOOK ART PROJECT is for charity: all the money from the artworks sale will go to Medicines Sans Frontiers, to help their migrants and populations in need aid projects. I can’t wait to have the site go live so I can show you everything. It will just take a few days. We are also planning to come to London so stay tuned as there will be an exhibition here as well.


Last but not least: have you seen my latest video? If not, here’s everything I love about autumn. Let me know what are your favourite things about the season.

Photos: Stefano Broli.